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Zach Bridges

Norfolk, VA

Keyboard Artist, Vocalist, Composer, Producer, and Music Educator

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Keyboard Artist, Vocalist, Composer, Producer, and Music Educator

Zach Bridges is a multi-genre piano player and vocalist. A native of the Fort Greene neighborhood of New York City, Zach's love for popular music can be traced to his childhood, listening to AM/FM rock and soul radio stations and borrowing albums from a public library in South Carolina where he was raised. His soulful vocals and gospel-tinged playing style are influenced by years in church singing baritone and tenor in choirs and as an organist/choir director. You will enjoy the variety he offers, from jazz standards, to blues, to Motown/soul, to rock and pop.

Zach performs solo, as a duo or trio with local musical partners (his "Friends"), and as a sideman in full bands. He is also a recording artist, with several recordings available for streaming and download on all major music services. Zach also serves as a beloved piano teacher to dozens of students of all ages.

Enjoy the rich, soulful, and stylistically diverse artistry of Zachary "Zach" Bridges...it's sure to uplift and soothe your soul!